IEEE Southern Alberta Section (SAS) Student Scholarship Award Rules and Guidelines

IEEE Southern Alberta Section awards are presented to recognize excellence in the academics, research and leadership for IEEE SAS. The awards are designed to increase the academic drive, to acknowledge excellence in research, and to promote leadership in the section.

Award Description

  1. IEEE SAS – Academics, Under-Graduate (UG) – One Award: $1500 Cdn.
  2. IEEE SAS – Research, Graduate Student (G) – One Award: $1500 Cdn.
  3. IEEE SAS – Leadership, Under-Graduate and Graduate Student (UG & G) – Two Awards: $1500 Cdn. ea.

Application Process

In a nutshell, to apply for the Scholarship using the application form,

  • the applicant completes application form sections 1 to 3.
  • the nominator completes application form sections 4 to 5.
  • the nominator attaches reference letters.
  • the applicant or nominator submits the application form via email.

The application form must be submitted before the due date of midnight September 30th 2023. The awards committee will select winners by November 1.

Complete details, guidelines, and eligibility criteria are given in the application form.

(Updated May 29th, 2023)