In Memoriam: Charlie Hanson

The last, surviving, original petitioning member, to form the IEEE Southern Alberta Section, passed away on June 06th, 2021, here in Calgary, at 90 years old. His name was Charlie Hansen. Please be advised, Charlie, was a great contributor to the field of engineering by teaching and preparing young engineers, as a technician working, at the University of Calgary. Furthermore, Charlie was a great volunteer within the IEEE, always cheerful and promoting science.

Lawrence Whitby, of the IEEE SAS, also wanted to remind us within the IEEE, that Charlie gave a presentation, at the IEEE SAS 50th Anniversary/Annual General Meeting (AGM) back in 2006. Lawrence W. also drove Charlie to a few more subsequent AGM’s. Charlie was always grateful that we acknowledged what he did on behalf of the IEEE and he always had some stories about those times.

We have included a photo below of Charlie Hansen (left) and Tom Nawata (right), at the IEEE SAS 50th Anniversary/Annual General Meeting (AGM) event in 2006. Tom was also an original petitioning member, that helped form, what was known then as the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), that eventually became the core of the IEEE in Southern Alberta.

Tom also, unfortunately, passed away in 2021, in the month of February. Please see the “In Memoriam” web page for Tom Nawata also found on the on this IEEE SAS web site.

The IEEE in Southern Alberta sends our deepest condolences to Charlie’s friends and family. Thank you, Charlie, for all your involvement with the IEEE. Rest in Peace; … you will be missed.

Charlie’s obituary can be found here:

Charlie Hanson (left), Tom-Nawata (right) at IEEE SAS 50th AGM

Charlie Hanson (left), Tom Nawata (right) at the IEEE SAS 50th Anniversary Celebration/AGM (2006).