Date: Wed., Dec 06th, 2023, 04:30 PM – 06:00 PM (MST) Alberta

Location: Virtual

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Sponsor: IEEE Southern Alberta, Jt. PES/IAS Chapter, CH07034, Ottawa Section Chapter, IM09, Ottawa Section Chapter, PE31

Speaker: Harold Kirkham of DRM Associates, Richland, WA, USA

Topic: The Truth About the Phasor Measurement Unit

If you look up “Phasor Measurement Unit” on Wikipedia, you will learn a little about PMU that is right and a lot that is wrong. (To start with, phasors predate Steinmetz.) If you turn to the various papers and books that have been written on the topic, you will still not get the whole truth. Even the IEEE and IEC standards about PMUs have got significant parts wrong! If a PMU is built so as to fully comply with the standards, it will be an under-performing device that breaks the fundamental rules of measurement. The presenter, Dr. Harold Kirkham, is listed as a member of the working group that wrote the 2011 IEEE PMU standard. However, he was so upset by it that he is NOT listed as having voted for it! It has taken him a long time to figure out exactly what is right and what is wrong about the standard. This webinar will set the record straight and explain what is wrong with the current treatment of the subject.