Date: Jun 08th, 2021, 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (MDT)

Presented by: Rasheek Rifaat, P.Eng., IEEE Life Fellow, Calgary, AB, Canada

This webinar features:

1. A quick review of:
• Principles and basic aspects of protection and coordination of industrial and distribution power systems
• Protection of systems and major components
• Fault currents and voltages in symmetrical and asymmetrical conditions, symmetrical component analysis
2. Historical evolvement of protective relays reaching the current Numerical, Multifunction relays and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s).
3. Protection for Main System Components: Generators, Transformers, Buses and Breakers, Feeders, Short Lines, Motors, and other system components
4. Coordinating protection of main component of modern distribution and industrial systems
5. Applications of communications for permissives, blocking, conditional operations and other coordination techniques in modern systems.
6. Concerns in setting and testing of smart relays and systems.
7. Q & A

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Rasheek Rifaat, P.Eng., IEEE Life Fellow

Rasheek Rifaat earned his B.S. Electrical Engineering at Cairo University, Egypt and his M.S. Electrical Engineering at McGill University, Canada. He serves as Technical Director for Rifaat Engineering with more than 45 years of Canadian and global experience in cogeneration and thermal power generating stations, power transmission and distribution, and electrical systems for utilities as well as mining, heavy industries and commercial facilities. Rasheek has experience with various projects, ranging from installation of control panels and 600 V MCCs for material handling systems to large 800 MW thermal generating stations.

Rasheek is experienced in transmission lines; plant generation; cogeneration and utility inter‐ties; substations and plant protection systems design; coordination and relay setting; 34.5kV, 25kV, 13.8 kV, 4.16 kV, 2.4 kV as well as 600 and 480 V plant distribution; UPS systems; automatic bus transfer; large motor circuit design; transformer installation; 240, 138, 72, 34.5 and 25 kV transmission; distribution and distribution substation systems; 25 kV rural distribution underground cable installation; power cable installations; and control of large electrical furnaces. Rasheek has performed power system studies including dynamic analysis, voltage transient and induction studies, and reliability assessment studies for transmission, distribution and industrial distribution systems. He has been very involved in all areas of project implementation and management, from feasibility to commissioning and final operation.

Mr. Rifaat is an IEEE Life Fellow and a registered member of the Association of Professional Engineers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and PEO, Ontario (Canada)