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Recent Trends in Power Quality Improvement for Industrial Systems


Recent Trends in Power Quality Improvement for Industrial Systems
Presented by: David D. Shipp, Thomas J. Dionise, Tamer Abdelazim Mellik
Date: Thurs May 9, 1pm-5pm
Location: Fairmont Palliser Hotel, 133 9 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta
Register in advance or on site: Discounted online advance registration is open until May 8.

This tutorial will cover the fundamentals of power quality as it relates to power systems feeding electronic loads and how these problems manifest themselves as control issues, lockups of computers, extremely slow operations, failed components and other nuisance conditions. The major elements to be covered will be harmonics, electronic grounding and voltage disturbances. The tutorial will cover harmonic generation, control and basic mitigation techniques, IEEE 519 and where it applies. It will address electronic grounding, national electric code requirements, basic techniques involving single point grounding, electrical noise elimination and ways to recognize and mitigate grounding problems. The tutorial will explore voltage disturbances involving sags, swells, outages, impulses, switching transients as well as mitigation techniques such as Sag Ride-Thru and Drive Ride-Thru Devices, Surge Protective Devices, Un-interruptible Power Supplies, — and their various types. A session will cover how these power quality issues accompany variable speed drive applications — both on the input to the drive and the output to the motor — including motor failures, and drive input/output filtering solutions. Additionally, switching transients as related to power quality will illustrate how these problems result in equipment failures, both immediate and over time. Multiple real world examples and practical solutions will be presented throughout the tutorial. The attendee should be able to recognize, design and mitigate the more common problems associated with power quality issues after attending this tutorial.

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