Title: Alberta Power Grid Operations & Systems – Part II
Date: May 3, 2018
Time: 5:15-9pm
Location: TransAlta Building Atrium 1, 110 – 12 Ave SW
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AESO is the independent system operator of the Alberta power grid and market, who also plays the critical roles of Balancing Authority (BA) and Reliability Coordinator (RC) in operating the Alberta Interconnected Electric Systems (AIES). As a continuation of the speech given on Feb 1st 2018, the presentation will first briefly review the Grid and Market structures of Alberta and how AESO is equipped to balance the supply and demand in real-time (the BA role). Subsequently, the on-line Network Applications in EMS which are crucial for AESO to fulfill its role as RC will be explained in detail, including the modeling of AIES, the function of State Estimator (SE), Real-Time Contingency Analysis (RTCA), and Voltage Stability Analysis (VSA). How the market tools and EMS applications are utilized at AESO to help achieve reliability and efficiency in system operations will also be discussed.