Date: Sat., Feb 18th, 2023, 10:45 AM – 11:00 AM (MST) Alberta

Location: Virtual: Zoom

Sponsored by the: IEEE Vancouver Section Life Member (LM) Affinity Group, IEEE Southern Alberta Section Life Member (LM) Affinity Group, etc.

Speaker: Glen Fox, Chair of the Board of Directors of Equs REA

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Topic: In Canada, Rural Electrification Associations (REAs) are unique to Alberta. They provide power for consumers in rural communities each within a specific geographic boundary. Each REA has an elected board of directors that handles the business operations of the REA. After WWII, Alberta REAs brought power to the rural areas of Alberta, whereas in other provinces, the provincial governments and their generally provincially owned utilities brought power to their rural areas. Equs is now the largest member owned utility in Canada.

Glen’s presentation will describe how rural Alberta came together to create the many REAs and how they brought power to rural Alberta.