Date: Thu., Mar 10th 2022, 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM (MST)

Presented by: Dr. Ali Moshref, Lead Power Systems Engineer at BBA, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Abstract: Grounding and bonding techniques are of the upmost importance in electrical system performance and overall cost. But above all, it plays an essential role in personnel safety and equipment protection. In this regard, engineers should have a good understanding of grounding and bonding issues and practical solutions to the most common problems. Participants will gain a general understanding of grounding and bonding methods, common issues and practical solutions:

Understand the basic principles of grounding and bonding of electrical systems and equipment
Know the applicable standards and design methods
Know how to measure and improve an existing grounding and bonding system
Apply sound grounding and bonding techniques in designing new installations.

This event is jointly sponsored by the IEEE:
Northern Canada Section (NCS), Jt. PE31/IA34 Chapter
Southern Alberta Section (SAS), Jt. PE31/IA34 Chapter
and co-sponsored by BBA.