Date: Sep 22nd, 2021, 11:45 PM to 01:15 PM (MDT)

Presented by: Thomas Dionise, P.E., IEEE Fellow of Eaton Corporation and Tamer Abdelazim Mellik, Ph.D., P.Eng., SMIEEE of Eaton Corporation

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This webinar will introduce the basic principles of input power quality issues related to VSDs with various topologies utilized in LV and MV VSD’s designs commonly used in the oil field industry. The input power quality issues (system side power quality) will be investigated: line-side voltage and current harmonics, voltage input range and regulation, voltage disturbance (transients, sags, swells, interruptions), voltage waveform notching. Special attention will be given to system grounding methods and equipment grounding. The presentation also considers the impact of the VSD on increased generator loading, reduced power factor, and overheating of cables and transformers. Present day solutions based on input filtering will be described. It will be shown these input power quality issues will increase equipment failure, or at least tripping of equipment, as well as increasing operating costs. The webinar will include filter design techniques reviewing various input drive harmonic mitigation solutions such as line reactors (chokes), phase-shifting drive transformers, and drive input filters (passive or active). A variety of real-world examples will be shared to illustrate these concepts, symptoms and solutions.